Friday, 11 January 2013

A Little Explanation

I know this may look a little emotional and written during in the heat of the moment, but I wanted to make something clear about my stories. I understand some of the readers felt anxious to wait for an awfully long time for my entries, for that I am deeply apologize. But as some of you may know, I am now in my final year of engineering studies and have been working on my final year project and thesis, which took the full one year as the project itself is a development of new technology and many research and multiple level experiments need to be done, I don't have free time. And even after I graduate I need to find a stable job first as it greatly concern my financial status and future. These stories of mine are done during my free time when I can calm down and let the ideas come into my head. It is purely hobby. I am deeply grateful that you all are interested in my stories and I am truly a one very lucky writer. But I am also a student with a very heavy responsibility, for now I can't focus on writing at all. My life problems occupy my time to the fullest extent, and I once again am very sorry. Truly very sorry, I can't satisfy all of your craving for the next entry, I don't have the idea, and I don't have the time to plan for it. Please understand. I know I am a lousy writer because I made you all wait for a very long time, I am sorry. I can't promise when will the next entry be published. Everything is on hold for now, for who knows how long. I myself can't be sure. My life problems concern me more for now. So please, please understand. Again I deeply apologize.

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